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Innovative vehicle dynamics products

The continuing market demand to improve (vehicle) dynamics properties requires OEM’s and their suppliers to develop products that fit these demands in increasingly shorter 'time to market', while simultaneously decreasing cost. Computer Aided Design (CAE) is extensively applied by Venamics to achieve this goal. But to be successful one needs trustworthy and high quality measurement data to be able to develop validated simulation models and gain knowledge about the systems in question.

Venamics develops innovative data acquisition and embedded systems, not only for the vehicle dynamics market, but also for the high-tech industry, research institutes, universities, rollercoaster manufacturers and motorsports.


Rugged stand-alone CAN-bus data acquisition system.


  1. 2 high-speed and fully isolated ISO-11898 compatible CAN-bus interfaces
  2. Remote start/stop trigger
  3. Rugged, waterproof casing from billet aluminium
  4. Optional GPS via Bluetooth (10Hz) or wired (up to 100Hz)
  5. Optional RS-232 interface
  6. Optional USB interface
  7. Optional Bluetooth interface (e.g. displaying signals on smart phone or tablet


High-end data acquisition system with large dynamic range. Expected spring 2013.

  1. 20 truly universal analogue channels
  2. Single-ended, differential-ended, IEPE accelerometer / microphone and strain gauge inputs
  3. High dynamic range
  4. Simultaneous sampled
  5. 50 kHz sample rate
  6. Wide gain range
  7. 4 counter / encoder channels
  8. 2 high-speed and fully isolated ISO-11898 compatible CAN-bus interfaces
  9. RS-232 input
  10. Trigger channel
  11. Rugged, waterproof casing from billet aluminium
  12. Vibration and shock resistant
  13. Powered by internal Li-ion batteries or via external supply
  14. ...


Configuration and post-processing software.

  1. Universal configuration tool for VMS systems
  2. User friendly configuration
  3. Post-processing of logged data