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The VMS-CAN rugged stand-alone CAN-bus data acquisition system enables high-speed and reliable logging of CAN-bus data under harsh conditions found in the automotive, industrial, high-tech, marine, military, elevator, theme park and heavy machinery markets.

All products from the Venamics Measurement System (VMS) range feature very durable and corrosion resistant aluminium housings which are also fully waterproof (IP66 +). The casing surface is anodised and the markings are made using laser engraving. The heavy duty Lemo connectors from the K-series provide high electronic signal integrity, fast connections (push-pull), small and light weight as well as being fully waterproof also.

The VMS-CAN system can be configured very easily using VMS-Tool. There is plenty of storage capacity available (max 32 GB) using widely available SD cards. If you are ready logging your data you can use VMS-Tool to post-process the data. Even at this point you can make changes in your signal configuration. You can export the data to a Mat file (Mathworks Matlab binary) or a CSV file.

The system comes with several options with can be activated by a firmware update on a later point on time or directly during purchase. This makes your system future-proof. Options include: Bluetooth communications, RS-232 logging, USB connectivity and GPS logging capability. Bluetooth communication can be used with a PC, smartphone, tablet or any other Bluetooth enabled device to display real-time CAN bus signals. RS-232 signals can be logged synchronously with the CAN data. This makes is possible to log UART enabled instruments. Even GPS signals can be logged via the Bluetooth interface (max 10 Hz), RS-232 (max 100 Hz) and CAN.

If you require custom designed functionality or more information please contact Venamics.

Product overview

  1. Waterproof aluminium casing
  2. Heavy-duty, waterproof Lemo connectors. Color coded and keyed.
  3. Fully stand-alone operation
  4. 2 high-speed ISO-11898 compatible CAN-bus interfaces
  5. High bus-load capability
  6. Fully galvanic isolated CAN transceivers
  7. Bus speed and bit timings fully user configurable
  8. CAN identifier acceptance filter (hardware filtering, 256 ID's)
  9. CAN database (dbc) import functionality supported
  10. Very flexible signal configuration.
  11. All major byte order and bit counting methods supported:
    Intel, Motorola forward lsb and msb, Motorola backward.
  12. Standard (CAN 2.0a) and extended (CAN 2.0b) identifiers
  13. Listen-only and normal (acknowledge) mode of operation
  14. 32 GB (max) removable SD-card for long term logging
  15. Time base with 1 μs resolution
  16. Configurable real time clock with battery backup
  17. Start and stop logging with button or external trigger (remote)
  18. 8-25v power input, reverse polarity protected
  19. Fully ESD protected
  20. Optional GPS via Bluetooth (10Hz) or wired (up to 100Hz)
  21. Optional RS-232 input
  22. Optional USB communication and external firmware upgrade
  23. Optional Bluetooth communications (e.g. show signals on laptop, GSM or tablet)
  24. Options can be activated with a firmware update

VMS-CAN Features