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VMS-Tool can be used to configure the VMS line of data acquisition systems and to post-process the logged data. VMS-Tool is a universal .NET based Windows application (automatic 32 and 64bit mode) and runs on every modern computer without consuming lot resources.

The tool can set the analogue, encoder/counter, CAN bus, RS-232, trigger and GPS channels (depending on the selected system) in a user friendly way. The configuration can then be saved on a VMS system or on a local computer for future reference.

The logged data is stored in a efficient Venamics proprietary binary format. VMS-Tool can be used to post-process the logged data and store the measured signals in a Mat file (Mathworks Matlab binary) or a comma separated file (CSV). The signal configuration can be altered during post-processing to provide an even more flexible system.

If you require custom designed functionality or more information please contact Venamics.

Product overview

  1. Universal tool for all VMS systems
  2. .NET and WPF Windows based application
  3. Automatic 32 and 64 bit mode
  4. Low computer resource requirements
  5. User friendly configuration of:
    Analogue, encoder/counter, CAN bus, RS-232, trigger and GPS channels/signals
  6. System's real time clock configuration
  7. Load and save configurations locally
  8. Print configuration
  9. CAN database (DBC) import functionality
  10. Efficient post-processing of logged data
  11. Mathworks Matlab MAT file and CVS file supported